3rd Dr Who and Friends

This Dr Who digital painting was created in November 2014. It is a slightly humorous look at the TV series Dr Who, which started in 1963 with the central character being played by a number of actors over the years. During 1970 -74 Jon Pertwee played the 3rd Dr Who and his assistant for part of that time, Jo Grant, was played by Katy Manning. At this time the programme featured many engaging stories, characters and monsters, unlike today’s fast paced ones of more recent times! 

The illustration, painted in photoshop shows a number of monsters met during the 3rd doctors time. 

The monsters featured are a gargoyle/daemon, Alpha Centauri, Dalek, the great one (giant spider), Sontaran, Sea Devil, Omega, Axos, and giant maggots. The line up is dominated by the 1st incarnation of the Master, played by Roger Delgado. 

Painted at A4 size.

DR who 3rd Jon Pertwee monsters digital painting

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