Animal Souls: Chay Nephesh cover illustration

This illustrated cover was created for a book entitled 'Animal Souls: Chay Nephesh'. It is painted in photoshop to an aproximate size of 7” x 10” during early 2013. The author (Jackie Jones-Hunt PhD) has kindly supplied a summery on the piece and can be contacted at the publishers website

The Animal Souls series is non-conformist and paradigm shattering. Readers will be astonished to learn in this engrossing volume of generously sized books that humans are biologically classified as mammals, primates and animals, that humans were once fishes who later evolved four legs, fur and a tail. All human embryos are shown to possess tails in the womb whilst some humans are born with tails amputated at birth. Jackie Jones-Hunt PhD shows the foolishness of drawing the line dogmatically dictating which flesh and blood, conscious, feeling, thinking, and emotional beings possess souls and which do not – followers of this dictate would suggest humans once did not possess a soul. Progressively the teachings of the founders of the world’s religions and spiritual philosophies are discussed, revealing they each ask for the human animal to show compassion to all animals and most ask us to become vegetarian as the first vital step on the spiritual journey. In making this step the genuine spiritual truth seeker progressively learns to become ever more compassionate, increasingly integrating this virtue into his/her own soul growth.

Animal Souls: Chay Nephesh cover
digital painting
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