fat british bank pig getting government handout

Painted in Photoshop in 2009, this was a fun image to paint. I have never painted shit and dribble before. I think this is the only political work I have done. It is aimed at the British banks, and was originally done in response to the RBS scandal of 2008 when sir fred goodwin (fred the shred) took the bank in to meltdown, partly causing the recession in the UK, but Goodwin still walked away with a 700.000 per year pension package. The RBS logo is on the pigs arse. The banks have still not been punished and do what they want. They recieved lots of taxpayer help to prevent them from going under, despite their actions causing lots of other business to go under instead. Bank bonuses are now on the level they were before the recession. The fat pig image naturally suits the banking image, stuck up its victorian, distanced to society, arse. Even by 2011 the banks still have it their way, dragging society, and the world to deeper levels of unrest and financial depression. Painted in 2009.

greedy bankers british bank fat pig bonuses RBS getting government handout digital painting
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