mythological Gorgon snake creature in temple

This illustration depicts the 'Gorgon' from greek mythology. The creature is seen in a coridor of an ancient ruined temple. It has a womans head and torso, but a tail like a snakes with a rattle at the  end. The head has many snakes coming out from it. and looking in to the eyes of the creature will turn the viewer to stone. The Gorgon is also known as  Medusa, and Gorgoneion.  

This is an photoshop illustration painted to a size of  8" x 10". The artwork was created in 2011. I wanted to keep the figure as a silhouette to add more mystery and be able to show the glowing eyes. It was important to have some backlight to show up the figures silhouette, so the use of having daylight at the back falling in to the corridor on to the sand achieves this aim.

gorgon medusa mythology snake creature
digital painting
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