Halloween Ghoul rising from Grave with pumpkin

This digital horror illustration was completed in the late summer of 2013. Shown is an old, neglected, creepy graveyard with a ghoul rising from a grave. The ghoul is holding and pointing at a pumpkin which appears to have a light source inside, allowing the carved face to have a sinister look to it. Beside the ghoul, sitting cross legged on the gravestone is a small red goblin, looking on with interest. 

The painting was done to A4 size and created in photoshop. It is based on a photograph I took of myself, and added the vampire like teeth and horns obviously. Creative license has to be taken with the lighting so that one can see what is happening in a pitch black graveyard at night, and in addition the night sky is made quite blue to add interest. 

Originally I was going to paint the ghoul with more of a 'rotting corpse' design, but I decided to keep the illustration family friendly.

halloween_ghoul_rising_from_grave_with_pumpkin digital painting
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