Happy Halloween Witch with graveyard friends

This digital illustration was completed during early October ready for Halloween, in 2012. A young, attractive witch takes centre stage in the scene, riding a broomstick complete with a black cat. She is casting a spell with a magic wand, from which is emanating a bright light producing sweets and candy. The illustration is filled with various icons associated with the Halloween festival. A friendly ghost is situated at each end of the composition, each one of a different design. Pumpkins with cut out faces are on one side of the painting and a vampire like bat and haunted house on the other. A small Goblin is almost hidden away, its presence marked by a set of glowing eyes. The image is aimed at children and hopefully conveys the fun and mysteriousness of the Halloween festival. Despite the dark subject and the fact it is set at night in a graveyard the image is designed to be bright, colourful and exciting. Painted in Photoshop to an A4 size.

happy_halloween_witch_with_graveyard_friends digital painting
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