the last movement title of short musical animated film


The Last Movement is based on a film I made at college back in the 1980's. It is about the efforts of a concert pianist to play the piano, and to retain his composure, while coming across many irritating obstacles.  I have remade it and altered the story slightly. The original was drawn and painted by hand on to 'cell' and shot under a rostrum camera, as was the norm then. In this version the character is CGI, created in lightwave. The backgrounds are done in photoshop/ painter. All the elements are then combined in after effects compositing software, where additional effects and animation are created. I did think about doing it again as a drawn animated film using 'plastic animation paper' software but decided to continue down the 3D route as it would have less expensive and quicker than learning a new programe.
It was important that the character has a flat looking 60's look which would reflect the styling of the background artwork. The character was overlit to flatten the colour and create weak shadows, rather than have a conventional 3D solid look. The backgrounds do not have much in the way of shadows, using colour to show their form. They are also deliberately drawn with a 'flat' perspective.
The music and all the sound effects are sourced off the internet. The sound and the image sequences rendered in aftereffects, after being combined, are then joined together in premiere to create the final master.

length 2 min 16sec/ colour/ stereo/ 16x9ratio  

site and film contents 2007 martin davey   

 concert hall

pianist at piano cartoon short musical animated film

 character wireframe model short musical animated film

 concert hall artwork short musical animated film


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