BBC 'News at Bedtime' gallery 

Artwork created for BBC internet/ radio comedy, ' News at Bedtime', voiced by Jack Dee and Peter Capaldi. Directed & animated by Kate Sullivan.
The one off show was based on a radio series and then created as a short animated video for the BBC comedy internet site.
It was a satirical view of a typical news news bulletin, but portraying the events in a fairyland world. The two news casters are sat up in bed reading the news. The sketch largely concentrated on a suicide attempt by Humpty Dumpty.
I largely created the artwork in photoshop of elements that are later cut up and animated in flash by Kate Sullivan. Photographs are added, of Dee and Capaldi, to  the  'headless bodys' seen in the bed, which again are animated and lipsynced to recorded dialogue.

book_cover_news_at_bedtime bedroom_studio goldilocks artwork news_at_bedtime_peterpan_jackson_x
news_at_bedtime_witch_apple news_at_bedtime_easter_bunny_wall_teelight_x news_at_bedtime_military_horse_general_x news_at_bedtime_set_02_x news_at_bedtime_lady_godiva_x
news_at_bedtime_defribrillator_x news_at_bedtime_set_03_x news_at_bedtime_humpty_dumpty_x news_at_bedtime_humpty_wall_garden_x news_at_bedtime_humptydumpty_wall_memorial_weath
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